Scott Blasey
Live on The Late Show with David Letterman
August, 31, 2004
I started playing music in 1986 with three guys named Rob, Greg, and Dave. We formed the Clarks at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where we were honored as “Distinguished Alumni” in 2004, and spent the last twenty years traveling around the country preaching our brand of rock-n-roll salvation. We sold a bunch of records, toured with some big names, and played on Letterman. We’re hugely popular in our hometown of Pittsburgh and still play about 80 shows a year all over the U.S.A. - from DC to LA, and Appleton to Austin.

In 1995 I released my first solo CD, “Don’t Try This At Home.” This collection of dressed-up demos found a small but passionate audience. It’s been out of print and in demand for nearly ten years, but will finally be re-released. “Don’t Try This At Home” was recorded by my good friend Rick Witkowski at Studio L. It’s remixed and remastered, with new artwork and liner notes, plus a cover of “Alison” by Elvis Costello. The disc includes acoustic versions of Flame, Mercury, Courtney and more. The Clarks very own Greg Joseph plays mandolin on Rain, and Kelsey Friday lends her silky pipes to Fatal. It is now available here.

“Shine” is my second solo effort. Released in 1999, it found a big audience among Clarks fans and resulted in the impulse buy of a Jeep Wrangler during a nice stretch of weather in early 2000. This golden goose contains Does Your Harbor Light Still Shine?, Brand New and an early version of the Clarks classic, Born Too Late. My partner-in-crime Rob James plays Scott Blasey - The Guitareverything but the kitchen sink on this record, from twelve-string to trumpet. I even take a stab at piano- an uncertain, ham-fisted stab, but a stab nonetheless. “Shine” has never been out of print and is available right here, right now.

In April 2007 I released Travelin’ On. I recorded it in Dallas with a super-talented musician/ producer named Salim Nourallah. It contains ten originals and a cover of Sam Cooke’s Bring It on Home to Me. The Post-Gazette’s Ed Masley calls the WDVE hit Time to Go “a soulful piano ballad whose burned-out vibe recalls the Beatles’ early solo work or maybe even Big Star.” Travelin’ On is available on the merchandise page and every copy comes autographed!

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